1. Norista Oy

Norista Oy is a company, founded in year 2005 for boat rental. Home site is Lappeenranta, a vivid town cherishing the heritage of summer activities in Carelia. We base our business on enjoyable customer relationship and confidence.

2. The boat

The company has a boat ( made in the year 2006 ) of make Norppa 10 TK, NORAN for rental in Saimaa area. It is not allowed to take the boat to the sea i.e Finnish Gulf etc. by the customer. The bowthruster and GPS plotter makes the handling of the boat enjoyable. As an add on we can offer a base service at Saimaa with sauna. A row boat rental and the fishing abilities at Saimaa can be arranged as well.

3. Norppa 10 TK

The boat have been officially inspected to be rentboat.

[pohja008.jpg] To see the layout click here.

4. Rental terms

There is equipment according the rental boat regulation, including equipment for safety, seafaring and navigation (i.e. life jackets, nautical charts, compasses etc.) and all necessities for housekeeping in the boat. The customer should provide linen by himself. And the customer is responsible for the fuel consumption costs.

5. Competence requirements

The customer and/or the captain of the vessel must have skills in handling the boat and navigation. The boat may be used only under the supervision of the consented skipper. The boat must not participate in any race or competition.

6. Insurances

The boat has been insured. The excess share of the insurance ( 840 euros ) will be demanded while making the guarantee deposit. And the excess share will be returned when rental time ends, provided that the agreement partners have nothing to complain. The guarantee deposit can be done either into a bank account or in cash when the boat is handed over.

7. Reservations and payments

The boat can be reserved verbally, by phone or in writing. Reservation is valid when the customer gets a literal contract and pays the booking payment. The booking payment is 40 per cent of rent fee. The rest 60 per cent has to be paid four weeks in advance before the start of the rent period.

8. Delivery of the boat and returning of it

The boat will be delivered to the client on Mondays and the returning to the company takes place on Sundays. Other arrangements may be a matter of negotiation. The boat will be handed over with full tank of fuel and it is clients duty to fill it before returning. The fuel must be 'Venediesel'-brand and only that - any other must not be filled.

9. Price list

There are two price classes the boat

Furthermore it is possible to rent the boat for a weekend if there is no reservation for that time. Daytime renting can be possible as well, but negotiated case by case.


Week Date A-price B-price Note State
22 28.05. - 03.06. 1600 EUR      
23 04.06. - 10.06. 1600 EUR      
24 11.06. - 17.06. 1600 EUR      
25 18.06. - 24.06. 1600 EUR       RESERVATION
26 25.06. - 01.07 1600 EUR      
27 02.07. - 08.07. 1600 EUR      
28 09.07. - 15.07. 1600 EUR       RESERVATION
29 16.07. - 22.07. 1600 EUR       RESERVATION
30 23.07. - 29.07. 1600 EUR       RESERVATION
31 30.07. - 05.08.   1290 EUR     RESERVATION
32 06.08. - 12.08.   1290 EUR    
33 13.08. - 19.08.   1290 EUR    
34 20.08. - 26.08.   1290 EUR    
35 27.08. - 02.09.   1290 EUR    
36 03.09. - 09.09.   1290 EUR    
37 10.09. - 16.09.   1290 EUR    
38 - 40 17.09. - 07.10.     According agreement  

The boat is ready to sail on Mondays in her home port in Lappeenranta near the fuel booth at 16:00 and to be returned to the home port on Sundays before 14 a clock, if not agreed otherwise. Rental procedures are as mentioned above. At delivery the equipment will be checked according the equipment list. The delivery documents in two copies will be undersigned both in hand over and in returning of the vessel.

The prices include value-added tax (VAT 24%).


 Linen (bedsheets, pillow cases, towels)  25 EUR/ person
 Sauna cottage and barbeque shelter at Lake Saimaa for evening activities  66 EUR/ 3 hours or according negotiations
 Rowboat with outboard engine of 5 hp  66 EUR/ day including fuel
 Z-Ray 300 rubber dinghy  120 EUR per week

Z-Ray 300 rubber dinghy

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